West Calgary Air Traffic Concerns © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

The issue is increased air traffic over communities in West Calgary: 
Since 2014 air traffic has dramatically increased over West Calgary due to the new flight paths that were designed by NAV Canada.

There was no direct engagement with our communities, no noise studies in our locations, no accurate information regarding frequency of flights and low altitude travel above our homes prior to the change.

As a consequence, many West Calgary communities are now sitting under major air traffic corridors with arrival and departure flights, at times, 30 seconds to 2 minutes apart. Over the past 3 years, since NAV Canada changes have been implemented, our committee has recorded an average of 100 planes per day flying above our homes between 6:00am to midnight. There is no regulatory restrictions on night flights over Calgary.

With a rebound in the Alberta economy and the continued growth of the airline industry this situation will only continue to worsen.

The Concerns:
1. Noise and pollution factors, as a result of the increase in air traffic, can only have a negative impact on the residents who live below (sleep interruption, increased air plane fuel emissions directly above us and disruption to our tranquil outdoor spaces from numerous low flying planes are 3 significant issues).

2. Potential decrease in property values as a result of our communities now being under a major flight corridor.

Solutions exist:
Flight paths can be alternated and air traffic shared over different areas.                                                                                 

How you can help:
Your opinions and comments are important and our community, the city and the federal government elected representatives need to hear from you. We have heard from many residents who are frustrated with the noise but haven’t felt that any improvement was possible. We believe that our committee with the help of our community residents can make a difference. Many voices together carry weight. Some contacts listed here.