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The issue is increased air traffic over communities in West Calgary. 

Our communities are now part of a concentrated flight path for air traffic. This new, concentrated West portion of the flight path runs over the highest elevations and densely populated communities in Calgary. The direct opposite path in East Calgary (by the airport) runs over low density industrial areas and farm land. 

The issue is frequency.

That is what needs to be addressed, and what wasn’t addressed by the Airport Authority (or anyone) prior to the new flight paths taking affect. Regardless of what the airport deems acceptable noise levels, it is the frequency of constant traffic and the noise generated from that frequency at all levels. One low flying plane an hour is vastly different then 20 per hour. The residents of West Calgary communities chose to not live by the airport for a reason, and to be forced to give up a once peaceful neighbourhood, forced to learn about airport operations, forced to deal with the frequency of planes, or forced to spend countless hours trying to get a straight answer from the Airport Authority, NAV Canada or any other party involved, is unacceptable. It has been widely expressed there was “significant engagement” with communities prior to the new flight paths taking affect. There is no clear documentation that our communities were even considered by the Airport Authority, Transport Canada or NAV Canada. The Airport Authority have expressed that our communities are “too far away from the airport” to be considered for engagement. So why then are we experiencing what is currently happening? In reviewing the maps provided by the Airport Authority, there is just as much intensity of frequency in West Calgary as there is in East Calgary. 

The issue is no warning, no engagement by the Airport Authority,
​NAV Canada or Transport Canada.
No engagement, no warning, no realistic information available prior (or currently) in regards to frequency as of today, or future frequency projections (new YYC terminal to open in 2016). West Calgary has always had some air traffic, but what is different is the concentration, the frequency and the altitude these planes now fly at (between 3000-5500 ft above ground level). Per hour, some areas are experiencing between 10-20 low flying commercial aircraft above their homes. That is a plane, every 3 minutes. There are times when it is every minute – Strathcona Park, Apr 19, between 440pm-448pm, 8 planes flew over, different directions, one right after another. May 3, starting at 1pm, planes every few minutes until past midnight. The noise does not stop. It is a constant, relentless storm, and this goes from 5am to well after midnight. Although The Airport Authority strives to uphold “nighttime procedures” to help with noise, low flying planes have been seen/heard at 1:20am, 2:30am, 4:00am, 4:45am. As of Apr 30, 2015, the current East flight path was adjusted and changed to help ease the concerns in East Calgary. Transport Canada made an exemption. A change is needed in West Calgary as well.

Aircraft noise is one of the most stressful things for people to live with.
Prolonged exposure to frequent air traffic noise has shown to increase heart issues, stress levels and anxiety. People are affected psychologically, physically, emotionally and financially. Health and property values are at stake.